Thursday 21st of September 2023

10-Step Guide

Relocating your office can be a daunting task, but with careful planning and choosing specialist contractors, it doesn’t have to be stressful. Whether you’re moving to a larger space, changing locations or downsizing, a well organised office relocation can minimise disruption and downtime to your business. Follow our 10-step guide to make your move as seamless as possible:


Begin by choosing a relocation expert or project manager who can oversee the entire process. Your contractor should work closely with your team to create a detailed relocation plan.


Determine your budget for relocation, considering all aspects including moving expenses, new office set up, and potential downtime.


Choosing the right location for your new office is a crucial decision, be sure to consider your business needs and accessibility for employees, clients, and suppliers.


Inform your employees, suppliers, and clients about your upcoming relocation well in advance. Transparency is key to managing expectations and minimising disruption to your business.

Hire Professional Movers

Research and obtain quotes from reputable moving companies that specialise in office relocations, offering services in packing, transporting, and setting up your office equipment and furniture efficiently.

Interior Design

Plan the layout of your new office to optimise space and efficiency. Engage with an interior designer and office furniture specialist to help create a space that boosts productivity and represents your brands culture.


Label all boxes clearly, specifying their contents and destination in your new office, to simplify the unpacking process.

IT Equipment

Appoint IT professionals to ensure a smooth transition of your technology infrastructure.  Create a detailed IT relocation plan to minimise downtime and get your new office up and running seamlessly.

Moving Day

Coordinate with the moving company and your internal team to make sure everyone is aware of their responsibilities. Have a contingency plan in case of unexpected issues or delays.

New Office

Prioritise setting up essential systems and workspaces first, ensure that employees have access to their workstations and your IT infrastructure is working. Remember to update contact information for your new office for all business admin and online.

Our expert team at Overbeck’s offer a complete package for all your relocation needs. With careful planning and execution, your business can smoothly transition to its new location so that you can get back to work quickly, with minimal disruption or downtime.

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