Space Planning and Design

Workplace Analysis, Interior Design, Space Planning and Visualisation.

Space Planning and Design


How well do you use your space?

If you are reviewing your current office environment this element of our services is paramount. It will allow you to take a step back and consider your options with an informed approach. Whether you require concrete evidence of inefficient use of space within your office space with a workplace audit or an impartial person to have an open conversation with staff about how happy they are with their working environment, we can work with you to get the most out of any chosen mode of analysis that you require.


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The functionality and the aesthetics of your space can major impact on the motivation, productivity and wellbeing of your staff. As well as the ability to communicate your culture, brand and ethos to anyone who enters your building.

A good design solution is not just a visual or ambient enhancement; we ensure the space is also fit for purpose, is practical and has longevity. We also consider the impact the design will have on the environment.

Whatever size of project you have we will provide a comprehensive level of service from brief to implementation by our experienced team.


Creative & functional

Effective use of space is invariably only achieved by proficient space planning. It is a fundamental factor in providing an optimum working environment, ensuring the desired occupancy can be accommodated without having a detrimental impact on the quality or flow of the workspace. It should also facilitate your teams to be positioned appropriately with the correct facilities around them and be in accordance with all current legislation and guidelines.

Accurate drawing information is imperative for this element so we provide the following services:
• Measured Surveys
• Full Data Capture
• Production and Maintenance of CAD Plan


A picture paints a thousand words…

This immensely effective tool can produce photo realistic representations of a proposed scheme, either as a series of stills or an animated “walk through”.

Whether it as a simple sketch visual or a full blown CG walk through we have the ability to offer a full range of solutions to interpret our proposals in three dimensions.

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